Creation Theatre floods The King's Centre with alternate version of The Tempest

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The King’s Centre, Oxford will be part of a theatre production takeover of Osney Mead.

Oxford’s Creation Theatre will present its latest ‘immersive theatre’ production when it performs The Tempest between July 19 and August 15.

Creation Theatre engages its audience and encourages them to take part in the performance and encounter scenes and characters close-up in real-life settings. TKC has teamed up with Creation Theatre to provide one of the multiple venues for its production which will be staged across the entire Osney Mead estate in Oxford.

Tim King, General Manager of TKC said: “We are looking forward to working with Creation Theatre and welcoming the production team and theatre goers to the King’s Centre. We’re proud that the King’s Centre will be part of the production and we also look forward to sharing the experience with our friends and neighbours on Osney Mead.

“Creation Theatre’s immersive theatre experience has received excellent reviews and I am sure it will be a brilliant event.”

Developed with Director Zoe Seaton (Big Telly Theatre) this is the third show in this style, following A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed in Oxford and London.

Lucy Askew, CEO of Creation Theatre and Creative Producer of The Tempest, said: “This immersive game style show has really taken off with our audience. It’s about as far from the genteel college garden Shakespeare image usually associated with Oxford as it’s possible to be.

“We want everyone who sees the show to really engage with the story, be that through following clues to track down a character or ‘breaking in’ to an empty building. It’s impossible to be a passive observer in this style of theatre, which makes it exciting to make and even more exciting to experience as an audience member.” 

Creation Theatre does not have its own venue and performs at a variety of public venues, from tents and parks to college buildings and factories.

TKC, Oxford, is the largest event and conference space in the city and the south Midlands with more than 30,000 square feet of space. It has two large convention halls and 10 support rooms. TKC is based in Osney Mead a ten-minute walk from the Oxford train station. All the centre’s annual profits are used to support charitable projects.

You can book tickets to The Tempest here: Box Office 01865 766266 or online at